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1201 S Broadway Saint Louis, Missouri 63104
(314) 809-1945


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Latest reviews for Ambition Towing 5/5.0 stars (13 reviews)

Andy in Columbia, IL *****
I Couldn't be happier with ambition towing. Outstanding service, fast response time, and everyone is very polite. They truly care about their customers. I highly recommend them. Thank you guys so much!
Li in Ballwin, MO *****
I wish I could give more than 5 stars.

I was truly in a rut, void of any hope of getting my motorhome removed from its spot. When the owner of Ambition Towing came his assuredness ease any anxiety I had about it. He was even able to get it started for me!

Super friendly, on time, and communicative. Truly made a terrible situation a little more hopeful!
Karen in St Louis, MO *****
I rate this business of 5. I was in an automobile accident it took some time for them to come but when he came he proved that his business bus Far and Beyond the Call of Duty not only did Jack tow our car and get it out of the ditch but he also drove to the service station so we can get our belongings and he also work with me very diligently and patiently afterwards concerning my vehicle. He was very professional, courteous and nice. I would refer anyone to get his service. Thank you Jack.
Sally in St. Louis, MO *****
How can I give excellent plus? I am giving everyone the name of this towing service… I have never been treated this well by service people… Professional, competent, inventive...kind, smart and dedicated to their customers!
Thank you Jack and Don!!!
Stephanie in St. Louis, MO *****
Ambition Towing is an excellent company that genuinely cares about their customers. No one compares to them regarding competency, and customer service. Thank you!!!
Mike in St. Louis, MO *****
Great experience, the owner was very accommodating and drove us to our car. We will use this company for future emergencies.
Matt in Fenton, MO *****
Like everyone in my situation, I had truck issues. My insurance company, USAA, which only handles military and ex-military personnel is partnered with Ambition. That was my first indication I was dealing with men of honor and integrity. The staff was really busy so the owner of the company left the office, hopped in his last truck and came and got me and my truck to my garage of choice personally. He’s as honest and personable as one could ever hope for. I really hope these hardworking folks continue to succeed and thrive because Lord knows we need more people like them.
Melissa in St. Louis, MO *****
I did not catch the name of the gentleman (and his sidekick) who helped me today, but the number I was given for him was 314-809-1945, and I was picked up around 5:00pm today. Both the driver and his son (about middle school age) were extremely helpful and polite! I needed a tow because my car was stuck in park and the driver even took a look at it before towing the car. He confirmed that there was a problem and explained to me what I could tell the people at the repair shop. He even offered me a ride home when it started to rain and he saw that I didn't have anyone with me. I am so impressed with your quick and accessible service (and receiving a follow up text to make sure that the ride had arrived). Being a young woman alone in the city (and knowing almost nothing about cars) I was nervous for my first tow experience but these two gentlemen put me at ease. You are lucky to have them on your team - thank you!
Ashley in Pea Ridge, AR *****
My family and I came to St. Louis for family vacation and as with most we had a little hiccup with our vehicle. The car broke down and we needed a tow. I called my insurance company for a tow. We waited a good long time for the tow but let me tell you it was SO worth the wait. The gentleman that came was very patient and kind. My 4 year old son was outside with us and he can be trying with all his questions and talking and this man just patiently answered his questions and showed him how everything worked. In a tough situation it was amazing to see that good wholesome people still exist. Thank you guys so much!
Clayton in St. Louis, MO *****
Great service in a timely manner. The owner really seems to care about his customers.
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Ambition Towing

1201 S Broadway
Saint Louis, MO 63104
Phone: (314) 809-1945


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